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Let’s be direct. Coronavirus has turned most of us into work at home people. The kind of us that grab coffee and start our morning on the couch with laptop in lap. The gyms have been closed, the parks are closed, the pool is closed. We know, everything is closed. Some things have started opening, that doesn’t mean our offices have opened or the schools. It’s not just the adults that are working at home, it’s the kids. Now is the time to create strong and healthy posture habits, while the kids are seeing you at home and while you can create strong posture together. 

The health of your spine is important. Strong posture will enable strong mind, health, and body. Poor posture causes chronic pain, weight gains, and problems as we grow older. The adverse effects of slouching or not sitting strong can easily be corrected with a few tweaks during your work day. 

What happens when you spend hours in the work from home slouch, don’t sit strong or spend hours binging Netflix or video games? 

Chronic back, neck and shoulder pain. This is not isolated to grown-ups and can turn into a lifelong pain. 

Solution: Get up and walk around every hour. Try this video from Dr. Drew with stretches. 


Negative impact on your metabolism.

Slouched over all the time can compress your abdominal organs, including your digestive tract and prevent your properly digesting your food. 

Solution: Sit close to a table. Align your hips and shoulders. Feet firmly on the floor. 


Poor circulation and constricted nerves. 

Creating a shift in your bones, blood clots, and even varicose veins. 

Solution: Getting up and taking a lap around the house will help, getting outside for a longer walk is even better. Sitting in a chair vs your sofa for part of the day with your feet up. 


Headaches, depression, sadness, and crankiness. 

Being out of your regular routine, isolated, and spending hours on your computer can effect your mental health. 

Solution: Download a Yoga app, set up weekly Zoom or Facebook video chats with friends. Have a social distance party. 

The Coronavirus has forced us into a new lifestyle. One that is not only isolating, it also makes us more sedentary. Not only us, but our children as well. We are no longer sending them out to run around with friends or play on the playground, there are no trips to the pools for hours. This lifestyle is hard on our spine and mind. Take some time, add in some different habits. Need some help? Give us a call, subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow along with our Focus Health series. 

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