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This month was an homage to chiropractics. The history, the education, the why. What makes chiropractic care so important. As we wrap up National Chiropractic month, get ready for the time change, and head into the holiday season we wanted to end October with some tips and treats! 

We had fun with National Chiropractic month, sharing insights into the field of chiropractics, what makes a solid chiropractor, and Dr. Drew’s thoughts on how he dedicates himself to his family, patients, and community. We hoped you enjoyed it as well! If you missed any posts, head over to our Twitter account and type #NationalChiropracticMonth into the search bar! 

Dr. Drew shared his thoughts about being a chiropractor and chiropractics; “I love being a chiropractor because I have the opportunity to change people’s lives by sharing the truth with them about Chiropractic care. I love sharing Chiropractic because I believe that every man, woman, and child should know the truth and then be able to make a choice about how they want to take care of their own health.”

Even though this Halloween is different from other years, we know you are going to have a great time and along with the sugar highs, we also, are going to be changing our clocks back! We wanted to share a few tips to help you and your family adjust better to that lost hour! 

  • Stick to your schedule. This can be challenging but being consistent with your eating, exercises, and sleeping schedules will help you adjust quicker. 
  • Avoid naps. We know you are tired. So tired. Avoid the nap, take a walk, and move to help, head to bed at your normal time. This will help you avoid sleepless nights. 
  • Refrain from doubling down on the caffeine to boost your energy. This will just make you more tired and possibly disrupt your sleep. 

We know time changes can be challenging! So we wanted to include a little treat!! This holiday season you will be able to gift friends and family with gift certificates for chiropractic care!! We will be sending out an email next month with all the details! How you can purchase, who can purchase, and what they cover! Not on our email list yet? Sign up now! You don’t want to miss our holiday specials! 

Tag us in your Halloween pictures! Don’t forget for those of you in Arlington Heights, there is going to be a drive through Trunk or Treat! Sign up to get our special holiday email and monthly newsletters! Let us know your favorite tips for daylight savings time! Don’t forget to set your clocks! 

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