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The official start of Summer is rapidly approaching, most of us are already in Summer mode as the time on quarantine comes to an end in stages. Homeschooling has ended, we’ve virtually congratulated our class of 2020, we’ve bravely stepped outside. Summer activities are starting up. As all of this happens, we wanted to touch base with you and talk about healthy habits for Summer! Healthy habits that include laying binging Netflix, eating popsicles, and time to get adjusted. 

Keep hydrating!! 

This has been on repeat, repeat, repeat. We know Summer is a time for pops, endless popsicles, and iced beverages. We want to remind you, to keep drinking water. Dehydration can lead to heat stress and create several problems that can derail any fun activities you have planned. Water will energize you, flush toxins, and with all the fresh summer fruits, you can infuse your water creating a sweet treat.

Enjoy the great outdoors! 

As we start to populate the parks, swim in the lakes, and generally leave the little confines of quarantine, there are a few things to keep in mind. Sunscreen and SPF clothing. Protect your skin, sunburns can cause headaches and dehydration. Proper shoes will keep your knees and back pain-free, make sure you are wearing shoes that match your activity!  Don’t forget to rest and recharge. 

Exercise and Relax!

That’s right, relax! Balance is the key for staying healthy. Enjoy your hiking and swimming just as much as you enjoy naps in the hammock and binging the Netflix. Feeling guilty for spending time binging or napping the day away after spending months indoors would be easy. Overdoing it at the lake, with swimming and sun, or enjoying the quick pick up game at the park can lead to sunburns, exhaustion, and aches. Balance fast-moving days with quiet, guilt-free days. It’s just as important to exercise your mental health as your physical health. 

Eat, drink, and be merry! 

Take advantage of the Farmer’s markets and all the amazing fresh vegetables and fruits. Let’s not forget all the BBQ’s! Ice cream, milkshakes, and custards are all the rage when it’s hot. Have some. Don’t forget to balance it all out. Make sure everyone is getting nutritious meals. 

We are really looking forward to being outside, enjoying the lake shore, and running in the park. Don’t forget to tag us in your social posts, we are excited to see your Summer activities. It can be a time when there can be injuries or tweaks from overdoing it. That’s the time to give us a call and get adjusted. Already on a treatment plan, let’s not neglect it, we can make adjustments for travel and Summer activities. 

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