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Numbness & Tingling

See how our offices in Arlington Heights, IL, can help you with numbness & tingling.

What is Numbness & Tingling? 

man with numbness and tinglingNumbness is the lack of sensation in a particular part of the body. Tingling, on the other hand, is an unusual, prickly sensation. Though these sensations could be felt in any part of the body, you are more likely to experience them in your legs and hands. The medical name for the condition is paresthesia.

These sensations can be temporary, benign, or could be severe, long-term, and even disabling. The less scary form, however, is a lot more common. Short-lived numbness followed by the tingling is something pretty much everyone would have experienced at least once in their lives. The brief episodes of paresthesia are certainly no illness or indicative of some medical condition.


The Signs and Symptoms of Numbness & Tingling 

When you have tingling and numbness, you experience decreased feelings in the regions affected. As a result, you’ll not feel pain or temperature changes like you usually would. This lack of sense could cause issues without you realizing them.

For instance, you may touch a glass of hot water and not feel the heat at all. The realization will happen after you see your fingers scarred by the heat. Even worse, you could lacerate your finger or leg and will have no clue about the same due to the numbness.

Numbness or tingling could also be the symptom of some diseases, including diabetes, migraine, neuropathy, multiple sclerosis, Raynaud’s phenomenon, seizures, stroke, an underactive thyroid, the hardening of arteries, etc.  


What are the Causes of Numbness & Tingling? 

Several things could cause tingling and numbness in your limbs or other parts of your body, including sitting with crossed legs and sleeping using your arm as your headrest or makeshift pillow. Such tingling and numbness usually disappear in a few minutes or seconds or once the pressure put on the nerves is released.

If, however, the sensations stick around for long, or the causes are not particularly obvious, an injury or an underlying disease could be the reason – for instance, carpal tunnel syndrome or multiple sclerosis. Certain medications used during chemotherapy can also cause paresthesia.

Some of the conditions that could cause tingling and numbness include:

  • An animal or insect bite.
  • Toxin ingestion through seafood.
  • High or low potassium, sodium, calcium, or vitamin B-12 (cobalamin) in the body.
  • Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc.

Specific injuries, such as damage to the nerve in the neck or a herniated disc (spine), could be the cause as well.

In the Feet and Legs 

People with diabetes could experience diabetic neuropathy, a kind of nerve damage. The condition could occur over a period as diabetes’ metabolic effects in the bloodstream affect nerves.

At least a third of the diabetic population has peripheral neuropathy, which typically leads to pain and numbness in the legs and feet. It causes paresthesia in the arms and hands less commonly, however.

Different drugs could also lead to peripheral neuropathy, including medications taken for:

  • Heart conditions or blood pressure
  • Cancer and chemotherapy
  • Anti-alcohol treatment
  • Skin problems
  • Infections, etc.

In the Fingers and Hands 

Calcium is key to proper blood flow and nerve function. Deficiency of the mineral, or hypocalcemia, could cause tingling and numbness in the fingers.

Carpal tunnel syndrome could also cause tingling, numbness, and pain in fingers and hands. The syndrome causes the median nerve (in your arm) to compress in the region where it runs through the wrist.

In the hands, sudden overwhelming phases of anxiety and fear with no apparent danger could give rise to multiple symptoms, including tingling or numbness.

In the Face 

Compared to the hands and feet, the face or mouth is not as likely to experience numbness or tingling. But when it does, blame it on the compression of the facial nerves, which could have been due to infections or even the toothpaste you use.

A Few Other Causes 

Conditions such as enlarged blood vessels, scar tissue, tumor, or an infection could put undue pressure on your nerves, causing numbness and tingling. 

Similarly, swelling or inflammation of the brain or spinal cord could put pressure on the concerned nerve(s) as well. 

Kidney failure could cause tingling sensations in the feet. At Hawkeye Chiropractic, we carry out a range of tests to check if your kidneys are causing the tingling and/or numbness in your feet and legs. The tests carried out include: 

  • Neurological exam
  • Nerve conduction velocity test
  • Electromyography that measures muscle activity
  • Blood tests

Not all patients who visit our center with tingling and numbness complaints are checked for their kidneys. People who exhibit specific symptoms during the more standard examination protocols are asked to undergo the tests above. Those symptoms could be: 

  • Numbness, tingling, and/or pain in the feet and legs
  • Muscle twitches and cramping
  • Muscle weakness
  • “Pins and needles” sensation

Skin damage in the form of inflammation, rash, or injury is another reason for paresthesia. Conditions that could create such skin issues include shingles (a painful chickenpox virus-caused rash) and frostbite. 

Pregnant women could feel tingling in their feet. The growing uterus burdens the nerves running down the legs, causing the “pins and needles” sensation. 

Vitamin deficiency, as mentioned above, could also cause paresthesia. B vitamins can particularly cause feet tingling. The vitamin inadequacy could be due to an underlying condition or a poor diet. 

In people who are 60 years or older, none of the aforementioned causes could be present, but they could still experience numbness and tingling. In such cases, a holistic physical examination and various tests must be done on the patient.

hand with numbness

Hawkeye Chiropractic Care for Numbness & Tingling 

If you experience numbness and tingling occasionally or due to inactivity, and if those sensations fade away within minutes, you need not seek treatment for the same. But if the issue persists or you don’t know what’s causing those sensations, consult Hawkeye Chiropractic.

As mentioned above, tingling and numbness or burning could denote a medical condition or serious injury. During our diagnosis, Dr. Drew Voelsch would inquire you about your medical history and carry out several tests to rule out the following:

  • A neck, back, or head injury
  • Walking difficulties
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Trouble thinking clearly or feelings of confusion
  • Vision issues
  • Slurred speech
  • Severe pain or feelings of weakness.
  • Losing bowel or bladder control

Some of the above conditions may seem irrelevant to your paresthesia at first. But when you dig deep, you realize how inter-connected and deep-seated those tingling and numbing sensations can be. 

Headed by Dr. Voelsch, our doctors are trained, knowledgeable, and experienced enough to accurately look for these issues before devising and proceeding with the treatment. There’s no standard treatment approach at Hawkeye Chiropractic. Each treatment plan is set up based on a patient’s specific concerns. 

Based on our findings, we either proceed with the treatment or order for more tests, which could include: 

  • Blood tests
  • Thyroid function testing
  • Electrolyte level testing
  • Toxicology screening
  • Nerve conduction studies
  • Vitamin level testing

Imaging tests – including an angiogram, X-ray, MRI, CT scan, ultrasound, etc. – could also help our doctors reach a diagnosis. 

Most cases of tingling and numbness can be brought under control with regular chiropractic treatment and care. Our goal is to get rid of the irritation and restore correct nerve functioning. We accomplish this through different treatment approaches – for instance, spinal manipulation (to correct misalignments). 

Dr. Drew Voelsch will evaluate your neck and spine to look for misalignments and carry out adjustments to rectify twisted, out-of-place, or turned vertebrae (if any). It should help to restore the correct nerve functioning, which will fix the tingling and numbness. You’ll also experience an improvement in your health overall. 

Staying in line with chiropractic principles, no painkillers, needles, etc., would be employed to treat your condition. If you came to Hawkeye Chiropractic feeling intimidated by the traditional treatment approaches, you’d be pleased to learn about our treatment plans.


Treatment for Numbness & Tingling in Arlington Heights, IL 

For quality numbness & tingling treatment in Arlington Heights IL, get in touch with Hawkeye Chiropractic. We’ve been serving the region and the surrounding areas for more than a decade (since 2009).

Our office is at 1401 S Arlington Heights Road, Arlington Heights. The ideal location makes us accessible to people from several other cities and towns in the Northwestern Suburbs, which include:

  • Rolling Meadows
  • Palatine
  • Des Plaines
  • Mt Prospect
  • Schaumburg
  • Elk Grove Village

Even if you are not in Arlington Heights or the neighboring regions, we encourage you to contact us at (847) 472-1224 for an appointment. You can also fax us at (847) 472-1193. 

Besides confirming the consultation, use the opportunity to ask us questions or clear any doubts you may have about numbness and tingling and how chiropractic can help. 

We are open for service throughout the week during the following hours: 

  • Monday and Friday: 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM
  • Wednesday and Thursday: 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM & 3:00 PM to 6:30 PM

If you’d like to message us your queries instead or learn more about the treatment, do so using the “Your New Patient Form” on our site. You may also reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


You Don’t Have to Live with Numbness & Tingling! 

As mentioned before, the sensation of numbness and tingling is acceptable if it’s only a few seconds long. But if it persists, do not overlook expecting it to disappear after a few hours. Such sensations should not last for even a few minutes. 

At Hawkeye Chiropractic, we will thoroughly evaluate your condition and ensure holistic treatment with long-lasting results. 

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Denae Santillo
Denae Santillo
16:42 04 Jun 20
Dr. Drew is the best. I have been to multiple chiropractors over the years that were great but Dr.Drew is by far in a league of his own. His approach is so refreshing. In my past experiences with chiropractors they... would treat the symptoms (leaving you feeling great in the short term) but not always address the root of the problem. I sustained a back-injury years ago resulting in 2 back surgeries and have not been “right” ever since. This time my hip somehow “popped” what felt like out of place and I had pain that kept me up all night unable to sleep for 2 straight days. A friend recommended Dr. Drew and he was able to get me in the day I called and even stayed late the following day so that he could treat me and get me out of the pain I was experiencing. We were heading into a long holiday weekend and I was afraid of feeling so terrible for the following 4 days so he stayed late just for me. I cannot express how grateful I was for this. I could not sit, walk or lay down without being in pain and Dr. Drew was able to provide comfort and relief immediately while quickly getting to the root issue. I was able to go for a walk and even a bike ride twice over the following 2 days. I was amazed and so very thankful. I have a laundry list of things I need to work on, so I plan on making my visits with Dr. Drew a regular occurrence. His knowledge base and expertise in his specialty is unfounded. When he discussed my care plan with me, he tells me more information than I could imagine that creates a light at the end of this dark tunnel on issues I've been battling for the last 11 yrs. I am eager to go to my appointments and looking forward to a “better healthier Me” in the next few month. I felt welcome and comfortable the moment I stepped into the practice. It's nice, cozy, clean, professional and all the staff are extremely nice. I never feel judged or uncomfortable. Again, I just cannot say enough great things. I'm so grateful for Dr. Drew and his team.read more
Pronoy DasGupta
Pronoy DasGupta
22:46 28 May 20
Dr Drew is upfront about what’s going on with your body. He helps work with you to achieve the goals that you as a patient want to set. I highly recommend him to those interested in chiropractic services.P.S Go... Cyclones!read more
Dorota Los
Dorota Los
15:00 27 May 20
Great place to receive quality treatment for back, neck and stiffness. Thank you dr.Drew for helping me 🙂
Christina Mitroi
Christina Mitroi
20:44 19 May 20
Excellent chiropractic care and treatment! I first came into this office with extreme pain and I was immediately welcomed by Dr. Drew and his team with such care, understanding and patience. Dr. Drew identified a... specific treatment plan for me and explained everything thoroughly during my treatments and variety of exercises along the way. I feel like a whole different person after my care here! Highly recommended to anyone who is in any pain to check out this local office, they are AMAZING!!read more
Karla Bellamy
Karla Bellamy
19:22 07 May 20
Dr. Drew & Co. takes great care of my family and I, even my 3 year old son! The front desk is very helpful with appointment confirmations and reminders, and makes it very easy to switch things around when need be. Dr.... Drew is always sure to check in with how we are feeling before the start of every appointment, and address any and all concerns that may arise with an innovative approach. He keeps us feeling great and operating optimally and for that we are very grateful to have found him!read more
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