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Headaches & Migraines

See how our offices in Arlington Heights, IL, can help you with headaches & migraines.

What are Headaches & Migraines? 

woman with headache or migraineA headache is “a pain in the head”. A migraine is a more potent form of a headache and invariably persisting.

Migraines can be accompanied by vomiting, nausea, increased sensitivity to noise and light, lethargy, etc. These could also be the condition’s causes. A migraine could last anywhere between a few hours to a couple of days or more.

Most migraine headaches last around four hours. The severe types, however, could stick around for days. People who are vulnerable to or have a history of migraine attacks usually get at least a couple of such headaches a month. Some, however, may not be troubled as much and would feel the pain only one or two times a year.

Migraine is not fatal or doesn’t cause lasting harm. However, in the rarest of instance, migraine could lead to a stroke, coma, or some other serious complication. The data on this is not clear, or there’s no objective evidence that migraine can lead to strokes or a coma. Sometimes, an intense headache could be an indication of an aneurysm or a stroke.

Different Stages of Migraine 

Migraines usually happen in stages/forms. The following are the migraine types:

  • Prodrome

Prodrome, or the warning or premonitory phase, represents specific mental and physical alterations, such as cravings for sweets, tiredness, increased thirst, mood alterations, neck stiffness, bloating, diarrhea, or constipation. This stage could last anywhere between an hour to 24 hours.

  • Aura

A migraine’s aura encompasses an array of neurological symptoms as they stem from the nervous system.

“Aura” of migraine has its roots in the brain’s cortex region. Changes in sight, such as colored spots, dark spots, zigzag lines, stars or sparkles, etc., are possible. Tingling or numbness, vertigo or dizziness, and weakness could also occur. Hearing and speech could be disturbed as well. Feelings of confusion and fear are likely. Fainting or partial paralysis, although rare, also signifies the “aura” stage.

The aura phase is shorter than the prodrome stage, lasting anywhere from five minutes to an hour. Aura usually precedes a headache.

  • Attack

The main attack or headache stage denotes severe, and at times unbearable, head pain. It usually begins as a minor, dull ache to only gain momentum with time.

The throbbing headache gets worse when you train or do some physically intensive activity. At times, even a slight movement of the head could trigger the pain.

The tightening or pressing pain is usually on a particular side of the skull, especially during the starting stages. The pain could also be either at the front or affecting your entire head. Feeling pain on both sides, however, is not uncommon.

Periods of vomiting and nausea usually occur during this phase, alongside sensitivity to sound and/or light. You could also feel sweaty and pale.

  • Resolution

Most headaches and migraine attacks fade away within hours. In some cases, the migraine vanishes when the affected individual falls sick or weeps in pain. For some people, a few hours of quality sleep can do the trick. For kids, even a few minutes of shuteye can help bring their headache or migraine to a conclusion.

  • Postdrome

The postdrome, or recovery stage, is the last phase of the attack. Generally, it could take several hours or even a couple of days for people to reach this stage.

Postdrome’s symptoms are similar to the first stage. The symptoms are mirrored. Suppose you couldn’t eat or sleep during the initial phase of the headache. In postdrome, your appetite will be extremely high, and you’ll sleep like a baby.

It’s Not the Same Across the Board! 

Not everyone with migraines goes through these various phases. Some may experience just one or a combination of a few. And which stages get combined could differ with people and every attack. Also, the severity and length of each phase are not consistent across the board.

That said, categorizing the different migraine phases on paper is easy, but ascertaining the same in a patient can be extremely challenging. For instance, a kid’s migraine attack is usually short-lived compared to that of an adult. Therefore, it may not always be feasible to correctly ascertain the headache or migraine phase the person is in.


The Signs and Symptoms of Headaches & Migraines 

Headaches and migraines manifest differently in different people. The symptoms of headaches vary based on the kind of headache:

  • Tension Headache: Symptoms include neck stiffness, scalp tenderness, dull and aching pain in the head, shoulder stiffness, and pressure or tightness across the forehead. Though tension headaches could feel like a migraine attack, they do not cause the visual issues migraine headaches are pretty much identified with.
  • Cluster headache: A cluster headache is generally short-lived and causes pain behind or near the eyes. The constant, throbbing pain is typically on one side of the head. A cluster headache, unlike a migraine, is not accompanied by nausea.
  • Migraine headache: Migraine symptoms usually are a pulsating sensation in the head, pain on a particular side, nausea, sensitivity to light and sound, vomiting, and throbbing pain.
  • Rebound headache: This headache type is more routine and particularly bad during the mornings. The symptoms attached to a rebound headache include nausea, irritability, restlessness, memory issues, etc.

It’s not that easy to ascertain the kind of headache you experience. A trained professional should guide you in the matter and let you know more about your condition.


What are the Causes of Headaches & Migraines? 

The causes of headaches and migraines are not established and could vary between individuals. Generally, it’s believed the pain is linked with brain-related changes and genes. Migraine triggers such as sensitivity to bright lights, fatigue, etc., could also get passed down to you by your parents.

The blood flow alterations in the brain were believed to cause migraine headaches. It’s now considered the change in blood flow is only correlated and not causal.

Current theories suggest migraine kicks in when the brain’s overactive nerve cells transmit signals that trigger the trigeminal nerve, causing sensations in the face and head. This prompts the body to release serotonin and CGRP (calcitonin gene-related peptide) and a few other chemicals.

CGRP causes the blood vessels in the brain’s lining to swell. The neurotransmitters then cause pain and inflammation.

Risk Factors 

Millions of people in America and globally get migraine attacks or headaches daily. The following factors increase the likelihood of being affected by the condition:

  • People who fall in the 10 to 40 years age group are more likely to experience migraine attacks.
  • Family history plays a significant role. At least 80% of people troubled by migraines have a parent or family member with the issue. If a parent has had or currently experiences a migraine attack, their kid has a 50% likelihood of inheriting the condition. If both the parents suffer from migraines, the chances go up to 75%.
  • Medical conditions such as anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, bipolar disorder, epilepsy, etc., could heighten the odds.

Besides the aforementioned hormonal changes, stress, certain foods and drinks (aged cheese, alcohol, tobacco, food additives, etc.), caffeine, weather changes, sleeping patterns, etc., could ascertain the risks or function as triggers.

people with headaches or migraines

Chiropractic Care for Headaches & Migraines 

At Hawkeye Chiropractic, we look at headaches and migraine attacks from all possible angles to understand the phase you are in – which provides us major insights that help with the diagnosis. The first and most important step to treating headaches and migraines is a correct diagnosis.

Headed by Dr. Drew Voelsch, our doctors are specialized in treating neuromuscular disorders. Because back and neck pain could trigger tension in the muscles and nerves that control the flow of blood to the head, our chiropractic treatment can decrease the frequency of your migraine headaches and reduce the severity and duration of migraine by focusing on your back and neck.

As mentioned above, there is no definite migraine cure. Chiropractic treatment, as a result, is an excellent way to decrease the impact of migraine without the side effects considerably. With traditional medication, adverse effects are almost a given.  

Chiropractic treatments work against migraines and headaches because we treat the migraine’s source instead of just making light the pain’s effects. Our chiropractic treatment works to:

  • Restore correct nervous system communication.
  • Reduce irritation in nerves, which transmit pain signals to your brain.
  • Decrease muscle tension, a standard migraine trigger.
  • Restore proper blood flow.
  • Unlock the healing potential of your body.
  • Strengthen the spine-supporting muscles.
  • Detects migraine triggers to avoid future episodes or attacks.

We, at Hawkeye Chiropractic, can treat a variety of medical conditions. Migraine is one of them. And because “conventional” medicine has no real treatment for migraine, a more relaxing, side effects-free chiropractic treatment only makes more sense.


Treatment for Headaches & Migraines in Arlington Heights, IL 

If you are seeking headaches & migraines treatment in Arlington Heights, IL, for yourself or someone you know, you would be pleased to know that we have a strong presence in the region for yourself or someone you know. Our office is at 1401 S Arlington Heights Road, Arlington Heights.

Having served the community since 2009, we have both the expertise and experience. We also enjoy the patronage of the people. And it’s not just patients from Arlington Heights alone. We have treated or alleviated the migraine and headache issues of people from different parts of the Northwestern Suburbs, including:

  • Rolling Meadows
  • Palatine
  • Des Plaines
  • Mt Prospect
  • Schaumburg
  • Elk Grove Village, etc.

You can reach out to us at (847) 472-1224. Fax us at (847) 472-1193. Use these numbers to schedule an appointment and also put forward doubts, queries, or concerns you may have about your headache. 

Our doors are open throughout the week during the following hours: 

  • Monday and Friday: 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM
  • Wednesday and Thursday: 7:00 AM to 1:00PM & 3:00 PM to 6:30 PM

If you’d like to reach us on your favorite social media platforms, we have a presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well. While you’re at it, go through the testimonials on our website to see what our past patients have to say about their experience at Hawkeye Chiropractic.   


Eliminate Headaches and Migraines from Your Life for Good! 

We, at Hawkeye Chiropractic, do not claim to “cure” your migraine or headaches. But we can certainly ensure they are no more recurring and obstacle-creating. At the least, the symptoms won’t get worse. And all of this can be achieved without the use of traditional medications or drugs. Get in touch with us or give us a visit at our Arlington Heights center for complete freedom from your throbbing head pain.

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Denae Santillo
Denae Santillo
16:42 04 Jun 20
Dr. Drew is the best. I have been to multiple chiropractors over the years that were great but Dr.Drew is by far in a league of his own. His approach is so refreshing. In my past experiences with chiropractors they... would treat the symptoms (leaving you feeling great in the short term) but not always address the root of the problem. I sustained a back-injury years ago resulting in 2 back surgeries and have not been “right” ever since. This time my hip somehow “popped” what felt like out of place and I had pain that kept me up all night unable to sleep for 2 straight days. A friend recommended Dr. Drew and he was able to get me in the day I called and even stayed late the following day so that he could treat me and get me out of the pain I was experiencing. We were heading into a long holiday weekend and I was afraid of feeling so terrible for the following 4 days so he stayed late just for me. I cannot express how grateful I was for this. I could not sit, walk or lay down without being in pain and Dr. Drew was able to provide comfort and relief immediately while quickly getting to the root issue. I was able to go for a walk and even a bike ride twice over the following 2 days. I was amazed and so very thankful. I have a laundry list of things I need to work on, so I plan on making my visits with Dr. Drew a regular occurrence. His knowledge base and expertise in his specialty is unfounded. When he discussed my care plan with me, he tells me more information than I could imagine that creates a light at the end of this dark tunnel on issues I've been battling for the last 11 yrs. I am eager to go to my appointments and looking forward to a “better healthier Me” in the next few month. I felt welcome and comfortable the moment I stepped into the practice. It's nice, cozy, clean, professional and all the staff are extremely nice. I never feel judged or uncomfortable. Again, I just cannot say enough great things. I'm so grateful for Dr. Drew and his team.read more
Pronoy DasGupta
Pronoy DasGupta
22:46 28 May 20
Dr Drew is upfront about what’s going on with your body. He helps work with you to achieve the goals that you as a patient want to set. I highly recommend him to those interested in chiropractic services.P.S Go... Cyclones!read more
Dorota Los
Dorota Los
15:00 27 May 20
Great place to receive quality treatment for back, neck and stiffness. Thank you dr.Drew for helping me 🙂
Christina Mitroi
Christina Mitroi
20:44 19 May 20
Excellent chiropractic care and treatment! I first came into this office with extreme pain and I was immediately welcomed by Dr. Drew and his team with such care, understanding and patience. Dr. Drew identified a... specific treatment plan for me and explained everything thoroughly during my treatments and variety of exercises along the way. I feel like a whole different person after my care here! Highly recommended to anyone who is in any pain to check out this local office, they are AMAZING!!read more
Karla Bellamy
Karla Bellamy
19:22 07 May 20
Dr. Drew & Co. takes great care of my family and I, even my 3 year old son! The front desk is very helpful with appointment confirmations and reminders, and makes it very easy to switch things around when need be. Dr.... Drew is always sure to check in with how we are feeling before the start of every appointment, and address any and all concerns that may arise with an innovative approach. He keeps us feeling great and operating optimally and for that we are very grateful to have found him!read more
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