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Taking time out for yourself is hard. We live in a fast-moving world, even when under quarantine. It’s challenging to take that time. Creating a healthy lifestyle for yourself takes dedication, hard work, and guidance. We work under the idea and premise of total Focus Health. The idea that working on your health, mental and physical is a process and needs to be on your whole health.

What is whole health? Treating your mind and body, looking at your lifestyle. Understanding how making sure you drink enough water impacts your energy levels and even sleeping better at night. When you take just a 20 minute walk each day, you increase your metabolism. Spending less time on screens and more time outside. It can even be something simple as making your bedtime 30 minutes earlier, or switching your 4:00 coffee for an herbal tea or taking 10 minutes to do squats next to your desk. 

What does it mean when Dr. Drew evaluates you and creates your treatment plan? With complete focus health in mind and creating a plan that is achievable and successful for you, Dr. Drew and his team will implement with you a plan that includes:


Taking the time to educate you. Work through your treatment plan step by step and help you understand why, what, and how of your plan. 


Learning about your current eating habits and helping you change those habits to achieve optimal health. 


Helping you work out, on your own time and at a level that is comfortable to you while still challenging you to meet your goals. 

Team Support:

Our team onsite and online is ready to help you, cheer you along, and answer any questions or make any adjustments you need! Each week, Dr. Drew puts out an informative video, monthly we send a newsletter, and publish 2 blog posts per month. Our Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram post thoughtful and cutting edge content to help you stay informed. You can call, email, or message questions at anytime. Or maybe you just need a little encouragement or cheering at the end of the day! We are committed to your success and health! 

We understand making lifestyle changes is difficult. Just by calling and making an appointment to come in for an evaluation and working out a treatment plan, you have take the first step in achieving a healthier life. We want to challenge you to make your health a priority. It’s time for you to have total focus health! 

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