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For most of us, back to school was this week! And the classroom was a lot closer than usual. The Fall 2020 class started in living rooms and dining rooms around the country. For many the first day consisted of logging in, attempting to log in, or struggling to focus on an unfamiliar learning program.

We’ve spent the last few weeks sharing tips on working from home, how you can stay focused, how important it is to exercise, and preventing strains to your posture and eyes. Don’t forget, they are at home and while they are going to school, it isn’t school. Help them adapt and understand. While all these tops are applicable to the whole family, we wanted to take a moment to recognize the challenges.

Online school is different from regular school
Attending school online looks different for everyone. Whether it’s classes online with your teacher, an independent study program, or a hybrid of both. Create a space that works for your child. Make sure they are sitting properly in front of their computer. You want them to be comfortable without creating stress or aches on their bodies. Eye strain from staring at the computer or tech neck.

Take breaks. Have mini dance parties. Join your kids, the more they see you doing, the more they will want to do join in.

Snack healthy. Take the time to prepare healthy snacks. Let them help and choose their snacks. You know your child best, either establish meal times and snack times or let them graze as you see fit.

Take time off from the screens. Kids have a recess for a reason, create a recess for them at home. Send them to play in the yard, let them help you start dinner, or run around.

Set boundaries. It can be challenging and confusing, much like the rest of 2020, to have school, home, and playroom all in the same place.

It’s going to be an interesting school year. For parents and children. We are sharing exercises and videos for you to use at home, for the whole family. Keeping your family healthy and able to focus on you is our priority.

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