Hawkeye Chiropractic was founded in 2009 to help heal patients and relieve pain by focusing on the source of the pain, rather than simply reducing symptoms. This allows the body to heal itself using its own natural abilities. For 10 years, we have helped our community heal from a wide variety of conditions.

Meet the Doc

Dr. Drew Voelsch


Real Bio

Dr. Drew has always had a passion for sports and improving performance. He played Lacrosse at Arizona State University, before transferring to Augustana where he began playing Rugby. Drew’s passion for athletic performance, and rugby led him to the study of Chiropractic Medicine. To pursue his studies, he wanted to choose the best, so he chose Palmer College of Chiropractic.

Dr. Drew is a proud graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic which was established in 1897 and is the first and largest school that specializes in the study of chiropractic medicine in the world.

Dr. Drew began his practice of chiropractic medicine and physical therapy in downtown Chicago, focusing on how pain and other symptoms impact both athletic performance and daily life. He enjoyed many benefits by practicing downtown, but Dr. Drew’s passion is for family and community, which brought him to Hawkeye Chiropractic in 2019.

Fun Bio

Dr. Drew has a short tongue and can’t touch his nose. His favorite food is homemade soppressata (dried Italian salami) and marinated olives. He wears the same gold chain everyday since the second grade.

Meet the real boss

Ariana Voelsch

Chiropractor in Arlington Heights

Real Bio

Ariana is Dr. Drew’s wife and once in a while you may catch her in the office chasing after their daughter, Viviana. She manages and oversees a lot behind the scenes such as the brand, social media, in office raffles/events.

Fun Bio

Making sure the Doc has a clean outfit everyday. She’s an old soul that enjoys cooking her Nonni’s recipes and crocheting in her free time.

Meet Dr. Drew's Mini Me

Viviana Voelsch

Chiropractor Arlington Heights

Real Bio

To put it simply, Viviana is Dr. Drew’s mini me. If you’re lucky you may see her in the office during her weekly adjustment and she’s sure to make you laugh! In all actuality, she’s the real boss of the clinic.

Fun Bio

She’s just adorable.

Meet our billing manager

kayla P.

Real Bio

Kayla used to be our sweet Assistant Office Manager, but has since married her high school sweetheart of 10 years, and moved to Indiana. That said, she is now our Billing Manager who works remotely! Her favorite color is yellow, yet she’s allergic to bees. She’s the middle sister and a first time auntie to her nephew, Leo.

Fun Bio

Did we mention that her favorite color is yellow and she’s allergic to bees? Ironic.

Meet our Chiropractic/Physical Therpay AssiStant

kayla D.

Real Bio

KD is our rockstar Chiropractic/PT Assistant! She loves to bake and cook. She’s the oldest of her two siblings and her favorite place to travel to is Aruba. She plays volleyball at Elmhurst University and inspires to be a chiropractor!

Fun Bio

She also shares her favorite color with Kayla P. Should we include that question on our job applications?

Assistant Office Manager


Real Bio

Noe is our other rockstar Chiropractic/PT Assistant! She is a Whole Foods enthusiast and is often mistaken as an employee because she knows where everything is located. She’s a city girl, born and raised in Chicago, but loves country music. If she wasn’t working at the clinic full time, she’d be flying to a new city every week!

Fun Bio

She’s a nature lover…can you guess how many houseplants she has?? It’s more than 10….

Chiropractic/Physical Therapy Assistant


Real Bio

Jenna graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 2023. She's from New Berlin, WI and enjoys running in her free time. She is also a Green Bay Packer’s football fan, studied abroad in Barcelona for 6 months during college and played volleyball and basketball in high school.

Fun Bio

LOVES avocado anything! If it’s on the menu, she’s having it

Physical Therapy Tech

Niki Apostolopoulos

Real Bio

Hi I’m a recent graduate from Loyola University Chicago and I’m currently pursuing a career in Physical Therapy! I like to stay active by playing sports. I am currently playing in a soccer league and a doubles tennis in a local women’s league as well. My friends and I like to get together to play pickleball for fun too!

Fun Bio

I travel to Greece at least once a year to visit family members. If you need any travel recommendations for Greece, I’m your girl.