We are on a quest to changing healthcare in Arlington Heights and the surrounding Chicago areas. If you’re here, you’ve been living in pain, either recently or your entire life. No need to look further as we are here to help you in a holistic way.

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“My health is in knots.”

“I have tried everything.”

“I want to be off pills.”

“I don’t want surgery.”

“I can’t sleep.”

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dr. drew voelsch

After graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dr. Drew began practicing in Downtown Chicago. He has chosen Hawkeye Chiropractic because our work echoes his approach to patient care and holistic healing philosophy.

We now begin an exciting new era for our practice, where we blend some modern comforts with our existing focus on complete patient healing. The result for every patient is an enhanced environment that allows you to focus on attaining your optimal state of health and healing.

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