What Our Patients Say

Hanna C.

Since my accident I have seen at least 3 different doctors. It took me one visit to Hawkeye Chiropractic to finally get some answers. I have been in pain for the last ten months and every time I see Dr. Monson I leave his office feeling much better. He correctly diagnosed me when others gave me different answers. Even though it’s only been a short amount of time, I am excited to see my results!

Marlene G.

When I first came to Dr.Monson I had been developing chronic lower back pain that was heading in the direction of becoming debilitating to every day activity. I can testify now, after coming for adjustments regularly, that I no longer suffer the discomfort or pain. In fact, I don’t seem to be getting the swelling in my ankles and feel like I used to. His adjustments do not hurt my chest area where I had heart surgery in ’06 and I plan to continue treatment. It’s made my life more comfortable.

Jessica J.

Dr. Matt provides exceptional, quality chiropractic care. At my first visit, Dr. Matt could understand and see the issues I was experiencing in my shoulders and neck, by X-rays and manipulations in my spine. With every visit I see a continued improvement in my symptoms– especially, improved ease of movement in my back and elimination of headaches. Dr. Matt helps you to understand the reasoning behind everything he does and all of my symptoms, and is always concerned with my overall health. I recommend Dr. Matt to EVERYONE! Just stop in and see what he can do for you!


Over five years ago I was involved in a car accident. Shortly after that I had to stop the activities i enjoyed. One activity that gave me much joy was coaching. I realized that my motor skills were not the same. I went to various doctors explaining my issues and all they could do was prescribe physical therapy. I went to Dr Matt and Beth. The results are amazing. After six months, I feel better and the condition that gave me much discomfort now is mostly gone. I went to the batting cage the other day. I can say i can still smack that ball.

Cheryl H.

Dr. Matt has changed my life. I was suffering from severe headaches and a lack of sleep. After seeing Dr. Matt for only one week, I was able to sleep through the night. Finally, I was able to get enough sleep to enjoy my day much more because I was no longer exhausted.

I seldom have a headache, helping me to enjoy daily activities such as spending quality time with my grandchildren.

I have been seeing Dr. Matt for almost a year and my quality of life had been greatly improved.

Thank you!!!!

Christine D.

What has Dr. Matt and chiropractic care done for me? Hardly know where to start. Firstly, I am free of chronic lower back pain and the limp that has gone with it. Secondly, My right arm/hand are stronger. My right grip has improved. No longer find myself dropping objects. The right side of my neck and shoulder pain is gone. YES! yeah! Thirdly, Dr. Matt is both professional and kind. He has worked with me on a payment plan that I can follow in my budget. Lastly, Jamie, his assistant is fabulous! Jamie is through, professional, and always pleasant. Beth Hectus, massage therapist is dynamite. Beth provides therapeutic postural correction exercises and training, phenomenal massages, and amazing ability for compassion.


Hawkeye Chiropractic is a great office to go to. Dr. Matt Monson is a well knowledge chiropractor who cares extremely for his patients needs.

Dave M.

In March 2011, (at the age of 52) I could barely walk my dog due pain caused by the compression of my L4 & L5 discs. Multiple doctors indicated that the only cure was surgery but because golf and physical fitness is too important to me, I said no. So after several cortisone shots, epidurals and physical therapy that provided no relief, I was at my wits end until I made a bold move (bold because I was very skeptical of chiropractors and, quite frankly, did not believe in them) and went to see Matt Monson. I can honestly say that he has done wonders to get my lower back moving around again and relieve the pinching on my nerves. I am in maintenance mode with him now back playing golf and staying physically active. I trust Matt’s knowledge of the spine and expertise of what do to about pain. I think all skeptics should at least try Matt out for awhile–certainly before having any kind of surgery.

Susan P.

I hav been a patient of Dr. Monson for 2 months, I came in deppressed amd in alot of pain. It controled every part of my life. Now I control the pain and have less pain. He also decresed the level of my mental illness.
I found Dr. Monson and staff very professional, kind and caring. I would never see a different one. He also works with any payment plan. Thank you, Dr Matt Monson

Karl H.

My family and friends have been going to Hawkeye Chiropractic for over a year. We have and will continue to recommend people to this facility as they are very professional and supportive of their clients.