Excellence in Chiropractic Care in Rolling Meadows, IL

Dr. Matt Monson is a licensed and Board Certified Chiropractor who focuses on using a natural approach to healthcare so that the body may heal itself. He focuses on each individual and listens to his patients needs, knowing that each person’s condition is unique and requires individual treatment. You can be sure that Dr. Monson will take care of you and is up to date on the most modern chiropractic techniques available.

Hawkeye Chiropractic is your Rolling Meadows home for complete chiropractic care. Please contact us for the following chiropractic services:

  • Chiropractic manipulation
  • X-Ray / Radiology – digital readings
  • Exercise and stretching programs specific to lower back and sciatic pain
  • Traction (IST table)
  • Nutritional counseling and weight loss support
  • Health and wellness training

Chiropractic Medicine is a varying practice that treats many conditions relating to the spine and nervous system. Dr. Monson at Hawkeye Chiropractic has a vast knowledge of these conditions and below is listed only a few of the many conditions he has successfully treated.

Sciatica – The key element when treating sciatica is to truly understand its origins in the spine. Dr. Monson specializes in identifying the point where the condition begins and will then lay out a successful treatment plan. Sciatica is characterized by pain, weakness, and numbness, as well as tingling in the leg that may travel down to the foot.

Osteoarthritis – Also known as degenerative arthritis, this condition causes misalignment, pain and a loss of flexibility to virtually every joint in the body. Dr. Monson uses modern chiropractic techniques to slow down the progression of arthritis and in turn, improve spinal mobility and realignment.

Migraines and Headaches – Numerous patients who come to Hawkeye Chiropractic, suffer from severe headaches or migraines. Unfortunately, they often feel discouraged before treatment because they have been told that the pain is imagined or if not, they are given powerful medications. Dr. Monson offers a natural solution though the manipulation of the spine that can and has treated hundreds of migraine cases successfully.

Neonatal Chiropractic Treatment – Pregnancy is a special time in any woman’s life, full of excitement and wonder at the changes that her body will go through. It is also a time where the addition of a child can put numerous stresses and pressures on different areas of the spine. Often we are asked if we practice pregnancy chiropractic. Yes, we do. Neonatal Chiropractic is a gentle and natural way to get relief from stresses that may be added to your spine from pregnancy.

Brachial Neuritis – This is an irritation of the lower cervical nerve roots that often appears as neck or shoulder pain and can radiate to the fingers with numbness, tingling or weakness. This is a regular condition for those who use computers or are often at a desk for hours at a time. Dr. Monson has treated this condition successfully by restoring the curve and mobility in the cervical spine at the neck and upper back.

Carpal Tunnel – This is a common occurrence that has often been associated with the wrist. The pain for carpal tunnel actually originates in the cervical spine and is a condition that is routinely treated by Dr. Monson.

Whiplash – This is a condition that is created by a sudden force that stretches and tears the muscles and tendons of the spinal column. If this condition is ignored, or left untreated, then it can result in severe degeneration or spinal decay and arthritis. Dr. Monson has worked on numerous whiplash sufferers and is a specialist in treating this condition.

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