Excellence in Care for Arlington Heights, IL and Vicinity

Dr. Matt Monson, a licensed, Board Certified, Chiropractor believes in using a natural approach to health care to allow the body to heal itself.

Hawkeye Chiropractic employs the most modern chiropractic techniques available. He never loses sight of the fact that every patient’s condition is unique and deserves individualized and compassionate treatment and care.

We offer the following chiropractic services:

  • Chiropractic manipulation
  • Traction (IST table)
  • X-Ray / Radiology – digital readings
  • Exercise and stretching programs specific to lower back and sciatic pain
  • Health and wellness training
  • Nutritional counseling and weight loss support

Chiropractic Medicine treats numerous conditions relating to the spine and nervous system. The following represents just a sampling of conditions successfully treated by Dr. Monson at Hawkeye Chiropractic.

Migraines and Headaches – Many of the patients who come to see us, especially women in their 20s and 30s, suffer from severe migraines or headaches. They often feel discouraged prior to treatment because they are told their pain is “imagined,” or they are often the treated with powerful medications. Dr. Monson offers a natural chiropractic solution that is completely natural using spinal manipulation. Hawkeye Chiropractic has successfully treated hundreds of migraine cases.

Neonatal Chiropractic Treatment – Pregnancy puts types all kinds of pressures and stresses on the spine but this natural and beautiful event should not be painful. We are often asked by expectant moms if we practice “pregnancy chiropractic.” Yes we do. Neonatal Chiropractic is the gentlest and most natural way to get relief from stresses on the spine due to pregnancy.

Osteoarthritis – Also known as “degenerative arthritis,” this condition causes misalignment, pain and a loss of flexibility to virtually every joint in the body. Dr. Monson, using modern chiropractic techniques can slow down the progression of arthritis by improving spinal mobility and realignment.

Carpal Tunnel – Often, the actual cause of this “syndrome” is pain that originates in the cervical spine and not the wrist. Hawkeye Chiropractic routinely treats this condition.

Brachial Neuritis – This irritation of the lower cervical nerve roots often appears as pain in the neck or in the shoulder all the way to the fingers with numbness, tingling or weakness being other common symptoms. This is common for people who use computers or do desk work. This condition is treated by Dr. Monson by restoring the curve and mobility in the cervical spine at the neck and upper back.

Sciatica – The key to treating sciatica is to take the time to understand its origins in the spine. Dr. Monson specializes in locating the point where this condition starts and then laying out a successful treatment plan. Sciatica is characterized by pain, weakness, and numbness as well as tingling in the leg that may also travel down to the foot.

Whiplash – This condition is caused by forces being exerted on the ligaments of the spinal column. If left untreated, it can result in severe degeneration or spinal decay and arthritis. Dr. Monson is a specialist in treating whiplash pain.

Please remember your initial consult at Hawkeye Chiropractic is complimentary.