Spinal Stenosis

This week I want to explain a common medical term called Spinal Stenosis. This is the condition of when the spinal canal closes down due to calcification and osteoarthritis. This can happen at any level of the spine; however, it is most common in the Lower back or Lumbar region. This condition happens when pressure builds up in the spinal canal and the body re enforces itself,


Today I want to bring to the attention backpacks and the amount of weight carried by kids going to school. Lets say the average text book weighs 4 lbs. If a 12 year old child weighing 100lbs is carrying only 3 to 4 texts books in a backpack on his back or shoulder that can mean up to 15% of his body weight is displaced and putting a tremendous amount of pressure on the child’s spine and nervous system.

Lower Back Pain

What causes low back pain? Humans have 144 joints in their spinal column. These are important because they support gravity and allow us to move freely. When these joints become stuck, pressure builds up. Adhesion and scar tissue forms. This causes stiffness, pain, and neurological issues like sciatica. If you are experiencing issues like this please reach out to a professional and get them checked out!