Spinal Stenosis

This week I want to explain a common medical term called Spinal Stenosis. This is the condition of when the spinal canal closes down due to calcification and osteoarthritis. This can happen at any level of the spine; however, it is most common in the Lower back or Lumbar region. This condition happens when pressure builds up in the spinal canal and the body re enforces itself, thus reducing the space the spinal cord and nerves can pass through. This is a common condition in seniors and many times leads to weakness in legs, bowel and bladder issues and instability on the feet.

This condition is typically one with a gradual onset from years of wear and tear on the area. There is no “cure” for such a condition and typical treatment is trying to preserve quality of life and manage pain and symptoms. The best thing to do to avoid spinal stenosis is to take excellent care of your spine by getting checked regularly for misalignment’s that will eventually grow to chronic conditions like this one. Remember most people don’t go to nursing homes because it is a great time, they go because their bodies can no longer support them and this is a major cause of that! An ounce of prevention is worth 10 lbs of the cure in this case!! Have a blessed day!!

About the Author:Jeff Stolbom