Today I want to bring to the attention backpacks and the amount of weight carried by kids going to school. Lets say the average text book weighs 4 lbs. If a 12 year old child weighing 100lbs is carrying only 3 to 4 texts books in a backpack on his back or shoulder that can mean up to 15% of his body weight is displaced and putting a tremendous amount of pressure on the child’s spine and nervous system. Coupled with the increase in computer work and cell phone texting our children’s spinal structure is the worst it has ever been.

As recently as yesterday I had a young man in his early twenties already showing signs of osteoarthritis in his spine because he had a lean caused by constantly leaning to one side. It goes without saying that if you have arthritis at 25 years of age when you are 50 years old you will have tremendous trouble walking and living a high quality life. In this case an ounce of prevention and early intervention is wroth 100lbs. of the cure. Please get your children checked out and teach them proper mechanics when carrying books and belongings!! Have a great day!!!!

About the Author:Jeff Stolbom