Auto Accidents

What an exciting time of the year! Everything is coming back to life! People are becoming more active and are getting out more! Lately we have seen an increase in auto accidents and it has prompted me to talk a little bit about what happens short term and long term in these cases.

Imagine a NFL football player. 250lbs and can run 13-15mph! If this athlete ran into you surely it would cause some shifting in your body!!! I mean look at all the research on concussions lately! And those opposing players are wearing helmets!

When an individual is in an accident they are being hit by a 2000 lb vehicle and the impact can easily be more than 10-15 mph!! the spine is designed to support gravity and will either bend or break when impacted suddenly. Obviously spinal fractures are very serious issues but the subluxation of joints due to the shifting is just as devastating if not even more so than a fracture!!!!

Just this past month we found 3 separate patients with fractures in their spines they had no idea they had from accidents that took place YEARS ago! Each patient said the same thing “It didn’t seem that bad and I walked away without a scratch”.

In the short term auto accidents can cause whiplash and neck pain, headaches, ears ringing, fatigue, back pain, soreness, sciatica, and many other conditions. After the initial pain goes away the shifted joints remain and degenerate very rapidly. The discs thin and soon the body reinforces the joint and this is arthritis. I have seen people in their early 30’s with significant arthritis due to auto accidents from their teenage years. These life changing conditions are for the most part preventable!!!! If you get in a wreck get checked!!!!! No matter the condition of the car, vehicles can be replaced! Your spine is forever!

About the Author:Jeff Stolbom