Plain and simple arthritis is the formation of bone, usually in a joint in the body. More common areas include the knees, hips, spine and hands. It is important to understand there are many types of arthritis and therefore different causes of this disease. Very commonly, the cause is the body simply reenforcing itself. Any extra pressure or weight causes the body to try to help itself. For example a misaligned vertebra causing neck pain can cause arthritis in the thoracic spine because the force of gravity is no longer spread evenly throughout the cervical spine. The extra pressure in the thoracic spine causes the body to build more bone. This shows up as “bone spurs” and affects the function of the joint.

Another cause of arthritis is trauma to the joint. This can be seen in hands and knees but also the spine and hips. Think of an athlete that has aged and gets his or her knee “scoped”. The surgeon is cleaning up the joint from arthritis and scar tissue. Trauma causes the body to form scar tissue and when this calcifies that is considered arthritis and can be extremely painful. The sharp edges on the bone spurs cause inflammation and severe pain.

The best route to treating arthritis is prevention! Maintaining good spinal and structural health is key for not developing bone spurs later in life! Once you lose that mobility it is gone forever!!

About the Author:Jeff Stolbom